Get Your Cool Back Marketing Series
Have you ever felt you were bleeding through your ad budget while trying to be successful with YouTube? 
Or maybe you haven’t felt fully comfortable utilizing YouTube to your advantage yet. Either way, we’re here to help.
The most important thing about YouTube is that you’re matching your message with the correct audience as specifically as you can. 
This video will outline the campaigns you should be using in order to reach each specific audience. 

Discover how to generate more leads with youtube with the video below.
Watch The Video Below and Learn
  •  About the three groups that you should be targeting in order to generate more leads with YouTube - Website Visitors, Channel Visitors, and In-Market Audiences.
  • Helpful tips on how including certain factors when posting videos to your channels can help you improve SEO (organic) traffic. 
  •  About the two different types of advertisements that YouTube offers on their site - In-Stream Ads and In Display Ads.
Youtube Strategy Recap
WARNING – YouTube can be one of the quickest ways to burn through a budget so you’ll want to understand how to use it in the most effective ways. The most important thing that you can do is make sure the you’re matching you message with your target market.
3 groups to target to generate more leads with Youtube:
  •  Website Visitors: Target people who have visited your website or landing page – this information can be determined from Google AdWords.
  •  Channel Visitors: Youtube channels are free and extremely effective if you can drive traffic to them. One way to do this, is to go to a job site, turn on your GPS giving it the ability to track the longitude and latitude of the site. Filming something like the before and after or even a testimonial from the homeowner would be great content to collect. Upload this to your channel with a description. The title should include the city the job was done in, as well as the job that was performed. Once you do this enough, you will start generating organic leads by people searching for “Boston A/C Replacements”. Once your channel has a following, you’ll be able to place ads in front on them. Although this may be a small audience at first, it’s a loyal one.
  •  In-market Audiences: This is a list that Google creates about the people that are searching within the market for a service or produce like the one that you offer, even if they aren’t falling on your ads. Go after this list and place a YouTube ad in front of them. This allows you to place a controlled message in front of a controlled audience.
Youtube allows 2 different ways of advertising on their site:
  •  In stream ads: this is the video ad that will play before the video you are looking for.
  •  In display ads: these are often the static messages that you see on the side of the screen above what is going to “play next”
Both of these ads are easy and effective if you are marketing them to the correct audience.