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Build a Stronger Brand and Convert More Leads with MachineSites™

The Most Powerful Landing Page and Website Platform For Home Services

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Fred Webster, Owner Milltown Plumbing.  AdMachines Client Since 2016.
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The Web Platform That Works as Hard as You Do

Custom-Branded To Match The Look and Feel of Your Business

Meet your new 24/7 salesperson. That’s what you get with MachineSites, a hand-crafted web platform to keep your prospects engaged so they pick up the phone and call you. MachineSites offers a clean, custom-branded experience unique to your business, with attractive, eye-catching graphics to keep visitors focused on your brand right with all of the features you need to generate leads.

Reason 1

Superior Mobile Performance

MachineSites is built for top mobile performance. Mobile users expect speed. With our mobile-responsive landing pages, you’ll never have to worry about page speed ever again. 80% of homeowners use smartphones and tablets to search for local products and services, so you don’t want to miss out on valuable customers because your current site isn’t mobile-friendly. Our 100% mobile responsive pages:

  • Work on every device with a friendly design and layout
  • Meet homeowner expectations with speed and reliability
  • Have click-to-call functionality along with mobile responsive forms so you can easily capture leads.

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MachineConversion™  Technology

The internet moves fast. Your digital marketing needs to move faster. MachineConversion technology tracks advertising performance in real time. With MachineConversion technology your AdMachines account manager:

  • Can see what keywords generate your best leads.
  • Can see which device, location and time of day performs the best.
  • Can see how homeowners interact with your landing pages.
MachineConversion Technology is a game changer because it reveals what works and what does not work in your advertising strategy. It will help you invest your ad spend in the right places and make your lead generation performance much more efficient.

Final #3

QuickConnect™  Form Technology

Don’t let a hot lead go cold again and strike while the iron is hot with our QuickConnect forms. QuickConnect instantly connects you with homeowners as soon as they fill out a form on your website.

Our system calls you and the homeowner at the same time, making an instant connection. QuickConnect Technology can be programmed to run during normal business owners or leads can be routed to a call center on a customized schedule.

Money loves speed and you’ll love how this website feature will help you increase your booking rates.



The MachineSites platform is built using MachineModules. These are dynamic content sections stacked together - a lot like legos. They are the building blocks that make up your site.

Unlike a traditional site template, MachineModules are flexible and can be arranged in any order. There are MachineModules for:

  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Images to show prospects who you are
  • Video integration to tell your brand’s story
  • And many, many more.

MachineModules make it possible to arrange your content and message in an order that makes it easy to communicate with prospects, build trust and convert leads.

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Stay On Top of Hot Prospects With Built-In Remarketing

Not every lead that clicks through to your site will become a sale. That’s just an unfortunate reality. But at AdMachines, we can help you reach back out to those lost prospects to reel them back into the sales funnel.

MachineSites is equipped with built-in remarketing capabilities. After a visitor leaves your website, our powerful remarketing technology initiates a follow-up campaign by placing your ads in front of the prospect wherever they go on the web.

Prospects will see your ad on major websites like CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, ESPN and thousands more. They’ll see your ad in their Facebook Feed and if you have a television commercial we can even play that on major video platforms like YouTube.

Remarketing is one of the most useful tools available to you to reduce your overall lead cost. It keeps your brand top-of-mind and encourages already aware prospects to take the final step in calling you. Convert more leads with MachineSites remarketing.


Integrated Call Tracking

MachineSites integrated call tracking software amplifies your local footprint and connects you straight to your customers while measuring and tracking your lead generation performance. We take advantage of:

  • Phone lines with local area codes
  • Monitoring, tracking and recording all calls made and received
  • Measuring campaign performance and ROI
  • Instant lead notification and dropped call alerts
  • Robust call routing, call scheduling, built-in texting and voicemail capabilities.

MachineTrack™ Powerful Dashboard Technology

Introducing MachineTrack, AdMachine’s dashboard solution that keeps all your marketing campaign performance information in one convenient place.
The MachineTrack dashboard shows you exactly how you are doing. You’ll have access to:

  • Budget Spend and Performance
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Conversion Rate
  • Individual Campaign Performance
  • Top Performing Ad Copy
  • And much more!

Works With Your Existing Platforms And Technology

Are you using other marketing tools to sell your services, too? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Interested in setting up a chatbot to answer customer questions? You can do that, too. Our platform works with other services you might already be using to connect with customers, like:

  • Podium 
  • Service Titan 
  • Zapier 
  • HubSpot

You can breathe easy knowing you don’t have to waste time trying to learn a new platform, let alone how to integrate it with what you currently use. The AdMachines platform allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing systems into one cohesive experience for all your customers.


Our Work

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See Where We Get Our Passion For Success

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Owner of ABC Company