Get Your Cool Back Marketing Series
It’s a given fact that not every prospect that lands on your landing page or website will convert into an opportunity on the first time around, but aren’t you tired of letting that potential lead slip out of your hands? Although they may not commit to the next step of the buying process when they first land on your site, wouldn’t it be handy if you could remind them over and over that you really are the best choice for the job? With remarketing, you can!

Find out how to extend the life of your ads today by watching AdMachine’s remarketing video.
Watch The Video Below and Learn
  •  How remarketing can reduce your lead costs and protect your clicks if handled correctly. It’ll cost you more to have a prospective client search for you a second time and click on your paid ad again, compared to the cost of a remarketing click. 
  • That you are also building brand recognition with remarketing in a way that follows prospective buyers to remind them to revisit your site. 
  •  The tools that you will need in order to be successful with a remarketing campaign. 
Remarketing Recap
Remarketing is a clever tool that allows you to subtly follow people who have shown interested in your service or products by visiting one of your sites. A code is installed on your site that enters their computer through the browser, triggers different iterations of your ad to pop up on other websites that they may visit. This extends the life of your ads, especially the offline ads that bring searchers to your site. These remarketing ads can follow your prospective customers for however long you see fit. A reasonable time frame for an A/C Replacement remarketing campaign to typically run would be about 6 months.
A strong remarketing campaign that clearly address your sales objections can do many things for you and your brand:
  •  Reduce lead costs
  •  Protect your clicks → less expensive to invest in a click on one of your remarketing ads to bring a prospect back to the page they already viewed rather than to pay for them to search the terms again and start from scratch.
  •  Build brand recognition
Although remarketing campaigns do need about 100 people to activate them, one you have that, you only need a few 
other things to get this campaign up and running.
  •  Landing Page
  •  Code (Installed to your site)
  •  Graphics
  •  List
If you are a multi-trade business, you have the opportunity to cross sell. You would use Google Tag Manager and ultimately have the ability to start a number of different campaigns such as repair, tune up, and replace all at once!