Get Your Cool Back Marketing Series
Do your prospective buyers know what to do when they land on your website? 
Are you doing a good job of driving traffic but not converting leads? 
 Are you loosing high quality leads because you are  not being clear in your communication?  

Get your hands on the ad copy formula method today, a proven way to create killer ad copy that will help you convert more traffic to leads. Discover below how-to catch and convert more prospects and get them to the next step in your sales funnel.
Watch The Video Below and Learn
  •  How showing simple assets such as testimonials and reviews can build a level of trust with your prospective buyers before they ever even speak to a sales associate, giving you an advantage over the competition.
  • Being local matters. Having the ability to display local phone numbers and the name of the city that each prospective buyer is in can give you close to a 10 point increase in lead conversion solely based on the fact that many shoppers prefer to support local businesses.
  •  A thorough shopper is going to be comparing you to all of their other possible options, so offering true value and highlighting the things that make your company unique is something that will set you apart. 
  •  The importance of making it easy for your prospective client to take action. We’re all busy nowadays; if you can lay out the process to show them what to expect and showcase your flexibility for them, they’ll be more likely to choose your company over a competitor that is all about the bottom line. 
The Proven Ad Copy Formula Recap
Every organization is creating ad copy to generate more leads, but what is going to make your ad actually catch the prospects eye and take that next step? Here at AdMachines we have been perfecting the formula for the most attractive and efficient ad copy that sets you apart from the competition. There are 10 factors that you be using in your ad copy:
  •  Speed: You want to be able to exhibit that your able to be the fastest to solve the customer’s problem. When looking for a service or product, the consumer is looking for immediacy – give it to them.
  •  Trust: Best to show your trust through specific online reviews with testimonials.
  •  Local: We get a 10 point lead conversion just from including a local number on our sites. Many consumers want to support local. Inject the name of the city and show them that you’re near by to help
  •  The Offer/Call to Action: You want them to take the next step, leaves the sales aspect out of this one. Hook them with an offer or something such as an in home estimate to generate their interest.
  •  Benefits: Find the source their pain and target their emotional triggers. Not the features but something such as saving them money or energy.
  •  Value: You’re being compared to other companies no matter what. Offer true value for a leg up. You want to use this as a relationship builder.
  •  The Promise: You need to pass the “So What” test. – Be bold, do what other competitors aren’t willing to do. → You’ll fix it for free!
  •  Different: A lot like value, but show what actually makes you different. Is it your experience? Training? Badges? Certifications? Brands you use? What sets you apart?
  •  Easy: Make it easy for your prospect to commit to you. Be flexible, layout the process and expectations for them.
  •  Urgency: Your offer won’t be there forever, give them a reason to take action then and there.
Once you start perfecting this formula, you’ll be able to customize it in a way that works best for your target audience. 
Remember to think of it from the prospective consumer’s view – what would you want to read if you were in need of a particular service or product? Lead Generation Nation members, don’t forget to download the Sales Letter for even more helpful tips on AdMachine’s bulletproof ad copy formula!