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The Importance Of A Comprehensive Negative Keyword List

Oct 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

What are negative keywords?

Most people have heard of keywords when referring to paid advertising. Those are the terms that campaigns are built around which trigger ads in the search engine results. If you’re a plumbing company, you might build multiple campaigns around different services such as water heaters, plumbing repair, and drain cleaning. Each campaign would have keywords that have bids attached to them which trigger ads based on the service. But on the flip side of keywords are another set of terms that one can argue are even more important than the keywords. These are called negative keywords. A negative keyword is a term applied to a campaign that will stop Google from displaying your ad when certain words or phrases are included in the search query. These are incredibly important for blocking bad traffic and ensuring your ads only appear for relevant searches. But if you’re already targeting certain keywords, how do negative keywords impact traffic quality?

Negative list mock-up on laptop screen

Why Do You Need Negative Keywords?

At first, it may seem antithetical to block traffic. The whole point of keywords is to bring traffic to your ads- to get people to see them, click them, and then do business with you. But in reality, there are many searches that could trigger a keyword that doesn't fit the intent of the campaign. Think of the term “window replacement” for a window company. Yes, this will get a lot of searches for people looking for new home windows, but it will also trigger ads for people that search for “car window replacement”, “dollhouse window replacement,” and “RV window replacement”. These are not the type of searches that a residential window company would want to attract. Without negative keywords, those searches would trigger ads and a user can click on them. Even if your intention is for other types of traffic, Google will still charge you for any clicks made to your ads. This is why building a negative keyword list is so important. It saves money on bad traffic and irrelevant searches that take budget away from profitable jobs.

Benefits of a comprehensive negative keyword list 

  • Improves campaign performance by refining the audience who sees your ads
  • Eliminates wasted ad spend by focusing budget on relevant traffic
  • Blocks negative traffic 

How Many Negative Keywords Should You Have In A List?

Our motto is always “the more the merrier” when it comes to negative keywords! With targeted keywords, you need to be more narrow and only bid on terms related to your business. With negative keywords, you’re essentially trying to block any other search except ones that align with your business. For example, a campaign built around furnace replacements will want to block other searches related to heating such as heated blankets, space heaters, heated floors- and this means a lot more negative keywords than the targeted keywords in the campaign. At AdMachines, we’ve been working with home service companies for years, meaning we have a master library of negative keywords for every type of service. There isn’t much that slips by a well thought out negative keyword list. 

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AdMachines has been generating leads with pay-per-click campaigns since 2012. We have thousands of negative keywords ready to be deployed on launch date- no lag time dealing with a flood of bad traffic and poor lead quality. We take the uncertainty out of home service lead generation. Book a meeting with us today and see why AdMachines is the right fit for your business. 


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