Get Your Cool Back Marketing Series
Ever feel like the ads your putting out there aren’t reaching the right people? Don’t you wish there was a way to let the perfect audience know about your offer and how it would benefit them? Well when we’re all constantly on the go, it can get difficult to remember all the little things that we seem to put off until the very last minute. It’s time to create an interest by educating our audiences. When it comes to home services, we’ve realized that the most success with reaching target demographics comes through Facebook. 

Advertising your services for AC Tuneups through Facebook is an extremely effective way to increase sales this season. 
Discover what it takes to reach your very best AC Tuneup customers through facebook.
Watch The Video Below and Learn
  •  How creating the most specific audience possible by using Facebook’s settings that will allow you to bring in even more leads. 
  • About the type of content that you should be focusing on within your articles so that you will be able to create an interest through education for your prospective buyers. 
  •  How the Facebook ad starts the sales funnel for you based on the audience that you originally selected so that you are also able to remarket to them even if they don’t take the next step the first time they visit your site.
Tune-Up Recap
With the ongoing Rat Race that we face every day, we oftentimes forget about the things we’ve been meaning to do. There’s nothing more frustrating than when that check engine light comes on even though you’ve been meaning to get an oil change we still seemed to forget. Sometimes all it takes is that little reminder to get us working on the things we’ve pushed to the side. Educating people on the little things that they can do to prevent a bigger headache later such as the importance of an AC TuneUp is the best way to get your foot in the door and really begin to build that long term relationship.
Although tuneup campaigns can be launched from all platforms, we’ve seen the most volume when using Facebook. This is a social platform that people go on to catch up with friends and get up to date on the latest trends; the last thing they want to see after logging into their online world is a direct ad. In order for this campaign to be successful you have to use the two step process of creating some sort of interest by educating the prospect on what they may need and then converting that interest into a sale.
Using Facebook advertisements that link back to your own articles is an extremely effective way to then draw your audience to your landing page so they’ll essentially see your offers and take that next step in the process.

The Steps of Successful Facebook Advertising:
1. Create a list (your audience) in a specific city
  •  Facebook allows for all different parameters to be set based on interests and demographics of the group of people you are trying to target. Be sure that this list is as specific as possible. The more limited, the better your results.   
2. Create an Article that is catchy and engaging to educate your audience 
  •  When posting this article on your website, be sure that your advertising graphics and special offers for the tuneups are layered in there as well. Those ads and offers should essentially bring your clients back to your landing page that gives them nowhere else to go besides taking that next step in the buying process. 
3. Create a Facebook Ad Using the audience list that you first created
  •  Your title of this ad is vitally important and should include the name of the city. 
  •  Once they click on this ad and get to your article, you’ll have their cookie and will have the ability to remarket to them even if they don’t take that next step in the buying process at first. This is a great way to maximize your traffic.
It is always a good idea to have about 4-6 ads running in that zip code so that your prospects won’t be seeing the same content over and over. Although this is a lengthy process in setting everything up, Facebook makes it easy to clone your ads moving forward 
so that it’s easier to create more.