Get Your Cool Back Marketing Series
Since 2002, AdMachines has generated over one million leads that just keeps on growing. This wasn’t something that was accomplished from shooting in the dark; we had to put a system of checks and balances in place. This system is what we refer to as the Machine Method that will help you improve A/C Repair Plan. 

Discover a deeper look into the ‘M’s that make up the AdMachines proven method of generating successful ad copy.
Watch The Video Below and Learn
  •  Each Step of the 10 M Approach.
  • About the common mistakes that many advertisers are making when posting their ads along with some helpful tips to improve your ads.
  •  Which elements you should be controlling to obtain a better outcome in terms of your advertisements.
  •  How your budget is affected throughout the entire process along with helpful tips to ensure that you aren’t bleeding through yours in ineffective ways.
The Machine Method Recap
If you’ve been a frequent viewer of the Lead Generation Nation blogs, you may be familiar with some of the concepts that I’m about to bring up from our former AdWords Blog. Here at AdMachines, we’ve been perfecting the Machine Method since 2002, so although there are five M’s at its core, there are five additional M’s that are also extremely important to keep in mind when it comes to successful Ad Copy.
There are many common mistakes that are often overlooked when it comes to ad copy. It’s beneficial to take the extra step of checking what you have formulated because even the slightest change to one of these errors could improve your lead conversion rate. 
  •  Many advertisers fail to use the Call Extension feature that Google offers. About 70% of the leads come from the ways of a mobile devices so you’ll want to be sure that you’re making it easy and accessible for them to take the next step. 
  •  Being too broad or trying to include too many services that you offer in one ad will not speak to a prospect as much as a clear direct message will. Make sure you’re using different campaigns for each of the services you offer. 
  •  Never address failure. You want to ensure your trust to persuade them to clicking on your ad to send them to the landing page where they can take the next step in the buying process.
Matching is one of the most important things that you’ll do for your campaign. This is where you’ll be choosing the keywords that will trigger your ads to appear based on what the prospective buyer types in. Negative keywords are just as important, if not more, because you want to be sure that your ads are only being shown to people with some sort of intent for your offer so that you’re not bleeding your budget with wasted clicks.
When it comes to your market, you want to be sure that you are being as specific as possible. Although you can set a wide radius at first, you’ll want to really narrow it down with city campaigns to get your best results possible to be able to gain control over your campaign later.
Don’t be just another advertiser that is asleep at the wheel. The management of your ads is one of the most important steps ensure success. Once you start recognizing the patterns that your ads create, you’ll be able to look at certain aspects of the campaign that may be affecting your outcome. After you break down your campaigns by city and zip code, you’ll be able to control certain factors based on the location.
*Important factors to monitor for management: timing of the ads, device, bid rate, keyword by city, competitors, lead costs or even audiences. Controlling the message by zip code allows you to get personal and inject the name of the city or town right in the ad.

Another vital piece to the Machine Method would be your message. With this, you’ll want to be sure that you are speaking to the specific issue or pain that a prospect would most likely be searching. An unspecified ad will only bleed a budget. Within the ad, you’ll want to show what makes your company unique and be sure to include a phone number in the Google Call Extension. You’ll want to add value to this add by either offering a special rate or showing immediacy by saying something like “60 minute response time”. Speed and Value mean everything to an online shopper.

When we talk about Mechanics this time around, we are discussing the features that your Landing Page is going to need in order to be successful. The best landing pages will integrate all features from the Killer Ad Copy Formula. You want this landing page to be the most dependable salesperson.

Money is a crucial part of any campaign. When competing with others in the online auction for ad placement and clicks, you’ll want to make sure that your setting up a flexible budget. If most of your leads are coming in through mobile then you’ll want to spend more money on mobile than desktop. You should stay away from any automated budgeting that Google may try to set up and manually accelerate your budget yourself. The longer your running your ads, the less you’ll pay for the leads. 
Measurements or metrics that you should be paying attention to:
  •  Click Thru Rate determines lead quality.
  •  Conversion Rate determines landing page performance.
  •  Cost per Acquisition would refer to the length of time your in compared to your cost per lead. This shows that the longer you’re in, the better your cost/lead will be
Mobile devices are becoming the way of the world lately. To ensure that your site is 100% mobile responsive will guarantee a bump in leads if handled correctly. Our MachineSites platform has been well thought out to the very last detail. Something as little as button placement may deter a potential consumer nowadays so it is best to think of this is detail.

Momentum is the last step of the Machine Method. This is a step that we’ve put in place for once you’ve mastered the other things. Once you’ve mastered Google, you can expand your territory and run ads of sites such as Bing. For times that you’re getting busy, sending out an email confirmation is always helpful. If you want to keep the leads flowing, don’t get caught up in small service fees such as an estimate fee. This is just another barrier that you would have set in place for yourself later on when being compared to your competitor.