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Spot Counterfeit Double Serving Ads On Google

May 4, 2017  |  admin  |  Google AdWords

Google real estate is a hot commodity. The more you have, the better. But remember, you better play by the rules.

People, like yourself, spend a lot of money to get their ads in front of high quality prospects. You work hard optimizing your ad and meticulously craft strategies for your keywords that will get you clicks from people who are most likely to buy from you.

However, some people take advantage of loopholes in the system and double serving their ad on Google.

Double Serving Example

What Does It Mean To Double Serve Your Ad On Google?

There are many different domain names you can purchase. In many cases, companies that are double-serving their ads have bought multiple, similar domain names. In the example above, this company has both:


Both domain names go to the same company, but are just slightly different. Because the domain name is different, a company can manage multiple accounts on AdWords and bid on the same keywords as long as the sites are 40% different.

You may have seen a few of your competitors engaging in this fraudulent behavior and gotten upset about your competitors getting this unfair advantage. You ask yourself,“How are they getting away with this?” Here’s how they fly under the radar:

  • Use a different IP address of landing pages
  • Use different credit card holders
  • Use different or unverifiable addresses
  • Use different tracking lines

Why Double-Serving Ads On Google Is A Bad Idea

This is a HUGE no-no for Google. It’s a total violation of Google’s Terms of Service you totally may have read when setting up your AdWords account.

Not only is it illegal in the Google-sphere, it is REALLY bad for businesss

Double-serving your ad on Google:

  • Confuses Customers
  • Makes You Compete Against Your Self
  • Can Get Your Google Account Blacklisted and Suspended

How Can I Stop Double-Serving Google Ads?

It’s extremely frustrating to see this happen. Google is just as a frustrated as you. They do have policies in place that are supposed to stop businesses from taking this competiive advantage. However, sometimes they can slip through the cracks.

Fortunately, there are a few ways of reporting these “bad guys.” Visit Google Support’s AdWords feedback site. There you can fill out a form and report the dishonest behavior you see on Google. They will then investigate and put an end to the ads.

You should always report this behavior, even if it does not impact your ad. Keeping dishonest behavior off of Google AdWord is best for all who love Google AdWords.

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