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November Innovations from Electric Razors to Mason Jars

November 28, 2016  |  admin  |  AdMachines Events

Okay, so maybe you’re not a world-famous scientist or anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact. All it takes is a little inspiration to change the world. With that in mind, here are some important inventions throughout history made during the month of November to motivate you in turning your next great idea into a reality:


Electric Razors

Unless you’re partaking in No Shave November, you can thank Colonel Jacob Schick for your next trim. He patented the first electric razor on November 6, 1928. In fact, you can pick up Schick razors in stores right now.

Traffic Signals

Garrett Morgan was granted a patent to create the first traffic signal on November 20, 1923. The first traffic signal needed to be hand-cranked, a far cry from stoplights today. But just think: if you’re stuck in rush hour traffic and shaking your fists in rage at the cars in front of you, Morgan prevented the situation from being much worse.

Washing Machines

Thanks to Mildred Lord, you don’t have to block out an entire weekend just to hand-wash your clothes. She was granted the patent for a washing machine on November 27, 1894 so you can now go ahead and clean your favorite shirt as much as you like. Just remember to use detergent, okay?

Mason Jars

On November 30, 1858, John Mason patented the screw neck bottle, now known as the Mason Jar. If you are planning to make tons of jam this holiday season, at least you now have something store it in. The final product would be such a mess otherwise.

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