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NEW Need-To-Know Online Advertising Tips For Home Service Providers

June 2, 2017  |  admin  |  AdMachines Events, Google AdWords, Home Service Tips

AdMachines is proud to be a Google Premier Partner, a distinction given to the top 3% of AdWords providers in terms of client success and retention. This partnership with Google lets us get the latest news and online advertising tips from the people behind the world’s most used search engine. Last month, we teamed up with Google for a Partners Connect event jam-packed with lead generation tips just for home services providers. This informational seminar was a huge hit with all of our attendees. It was filled with real data that squashed some existing beliefs about the home services industry many business owners have. Here were the five facts that stuck out the most to the AdMachines team.

49% of Home Services Prospects Search For Businesses On Their Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are a huge part of daily life. Our smartphones are with us from the moment we wake-up to the moment we go to sleep. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that potential clients have their phones handy when they need a home service provider whether it be a HVAC tech when their AC dies out mid-July or a plumber to help them with a flooded basement.

When your ads and landing pages are not mobile-friendly then you are missing out on half of your leads. Google has made a huge push to making AdWords easy to use in this mobile-first world. You want to make sure that your ads are appearing on mobile devices and that your landing pages are fast and optimized for mobile. Prospects want a frictionless mobile experience on a site that loads in 3 seconds or less.

At AdMachines we are committed to building ad campaigns for mobile. We look at data from each of our clients to see which keywords perform better on mobile and adjust our bid strategy to stay competitive. We also hand-craft custom landing pages for our clients with our exclusive AdMachinesX platform that are easy to navigate on a smartphone and load quickly.

Prospects Check 22.4 Resources Before Choosing A Home Services Provider

Consumer behaviors and traditional business models are changing. Access to information 24/7 lets prospects consider more options in a shorter amount of time. Readily available business reviews online make extraordinary the new ordinary. This ever-evolving consumer behavior has led to customers looking at twice as many resources than they were four years ago.

It is more important than ever to win over prospects and guide them from lead to customer. That means reaching the right customers in the right moments and engaging with them during the moments that count. AdMachines understands this and uses customized strategies for each of our clients to help them get in front and stay in front of high quality leads.

One way AdMachines uses AdWords to reach high quality leads when they are more likely to convert is through retargeting. Retargeting is when you put cookies on prospects who leave your website so you can show them your ads when they are on any of the thousands of websites across the Google Display Network. People are 90% more likely to convert after seeing a retargeting ad. Retargeting helps your business stay in front of those high-quality leads while they may be consulting a different website for more information about your business.

Just 15% of Home Improvement Prospects Used A Ratings and Reviews Website To Search For Home Business While 61% Went To A Search Engine

A few years ago, the biggest thing in online advertising was to focus solely on getting great reviews and ratings. Reviews are still a big component of the consumer’s buying experience. 82% of online searchers say they are important when choosing a home service business. But it is not the most important factor when a search for your home service is done.

Being there right when a prospect needs you is the first thing that you should focus on. You need to be the business a potential customer sees when they search for a service. Then, you can support your business’ credibility with reviews.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in search engine marketing for lead generation. As people use their phones to look up services like drain cleaning and foundation repair it is important to be one of the first businesses they see in a search. Reviews are important and can be used to secure your credibility, but when it comes to the intent of today’s prospects, convenience and being there in the right moment counts more.

21.6 Million Head of Households Will Be Millennials by 2018

The dreaded M word –Millennials. If you read magazines or watch the local news you may think of millennials as the generation of selfie-loving, smartphone-addicted folks that are to blame for just about everything. It may be easy to dismiss this generation, but that would be a huge mistake. Millennials are growing up and buying homes. They have now surpassed Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers as the largest population of homeowners.

Millennials are a huge pool of prospects for your business. It is crucial to understand how they make buying decisions and what matters to them. One stat that should make online advertisers take notice is that 75% of millennials prefer texting over talking on the phone. Luckily, AdWords has made it easy for businesses to be available in a way millennials will love with Message Extensions.

Message Extensions give users the ability to click to text your business directly from your ad. In your AdWords account, you can set up different times that your business can respond to text messages from potential clients. Knowing how millennials work, Message Extensions are a great way to get your business to stand out to this motivated group of buyers who are excited to fix up their homes like they see on HGTV or to get a new water heater to go in their first home.

40% Of Smartphone Users Use Their Phone To Locate Or Call A Home Service Business

Home service providers are unique to other types of businesses because you are targeting to very specific locations in your service area. Luckily, consumer behavior backs up your company’s need to stay local. Nearly half of all mobile searches are for local businesses, making it vital to target to the right locations.

There are a few things you can do with Google to ensure you are targeting the locations you serve. One thing you can do is target and tailor your ads to the areas you serve. At AdMachines we craft specific ads to run in specific cities. For example, if a plumber serves both the cities of Amesbury and Newburyport, AdMachines will create one campaign for Amesbury and another one for Newburyport so the ads will look customized for each of those cities.

If you own a business that has a showroom and you own your Google My Business account, you can actually see heat maps of where people are looking for directions to your business. This is helpful because you can make higher bid adjustments to target the exact locations that people are searching for your business in.

If you would like to hear more information about making your home service business standout, then sign up for this informational webinar specifically for businesses just like yours.

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