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Milltown Plumbing Doubles Number Of Trucks With AdMachines

May 25, 2017  |  admin  |  Case Studies

My name is Fred Webster and I am an owner here at Milltown Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Drain Cleaning. We’ve been in business for 38 years and been in this location since 1987.

Before I found AdMachines, we didn’t do any Pay-Per-Click whatsoever and if we did we tried to manage it ourselves.

Around that time we were at 12 trucks and our goal was to get to 18. And right now we are at 24 trucks.

We thought we had an idea of what we thought was going to get us there from a marketing perspective but we didn’t have the capacity to understand how to do it. We’re great at fixing people’s heating and air conditioning and plumbing problems but this is just not what we do.

We knew what we needed as a conversion rate. We knew how many calls we needed to generate and we knew approximately how much our average ticket would be to help get us there and we had a timeframe for when we wanted to do it. We really came to AdMachines and said here’s what we need to do, here’s how much we can budget towards it, and we were able to get the calls both from the help we get on the pay-per-click and organic side. But, pay-per-click has always been the foot on the gas that we need at certain times.

The great thing about AdWords that is so amazing is that if the demand is out there the calls come in.

The most important thing that there can be in marketing in home service contracting period is being where the customer is at the time of need. Because no one is planning on making these purchases. Nobody is planning on having no heat today or no air conditioning tomorrow or a leak in their basement. This is I need help, I’m staring at the problem. I need help right now.

It’s a fact that we get calls every single day and the only reason they are calling is because they see our reputation online. The way that our landing pages are set up is that its immediate touch to call.

This is the most quantifiable return on investment marketing we can get because it’s the only way to see what you spent, have it pull through to what the return is, and then decide at the end of the month where you need to be next month and what you are willing to change your budget to.

I mean we really can’t thank AdMachines enough for the success that we’ve had. I think with the conversion rate that we get and the level of service that we get, you are an important part of our growth plan.

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