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Innovation Is Possible With A Little Bit Of Gusto

October 31, 2016  |  admin  |  AdMachines Events

Sewing Machine Innovation

A lot of us can’t even make breakfast in the morning, but history is chock full with people who took the initiative to make something brand new. In fact, all of the appliances you take for granted today began as an idea. We’re not suggesting you have to invent some world-changing device, but there is proof innovation is possible with a little bit of gusto. October marks the birth date of several life-altering inventions, including:

Electric Photocopying

Drop the name “Chester Carlson” in your office and it may warrant a few confused glances from your coworkers. They may suspect you finally caved to the pressure of deadlines and created imaginary friends. But Chester Carlson is a real person and on October 6, 1941, he patented an essential part to office productivity—electric photography, otherwise known as photocopying.

Sewing Machines

Here’s a fun fact for your next ugly sweater party. October 9, 1855 marks the date when Isaac Singer patented his sewing machine, which has served as a model for sewing machines ever since.

Gas Motor Engines

On October 23, 1877, Nicolaus Otto and Francis and William Crossley received the patent to create the gas-motor engine, the first alternative to steam engines. If you currently own a motorcycle, thank them. Driving down the highway on a steam locomotive wouldn’t nearly have the same appeal.

Ballpoint Pens

The next time you’re furiously scribbling down notes with a ballpoint pen during a meeting, remember it took John Loud to make it possible on October 30, 1888. Be sure to use a pen and write up your invention idea on this date in remembrance. Just avoid writer’s cramp.

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