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Bring Back Lost Leads with Retargeting

June 8, 2017  |  admin  |  Google AdWords, Home Service Tips

We’ve all been in this position – your website is getting a ton of traffic, but you aren’t hearing the phone ring. “Why are these clicks not turning to conversions,” you might wonder. You start feeling worried that there is something with your ad, or your landing page.

Before you tear apart your ad copy or your landing page design, ask this one question: “Do I have retargeting set up on my ads?”

A staggering 96% of people leave websites without converting.

Most out the time, it’s not your fault. People lead busy lives and use several devices in a day. Someone who may be on your site looking up a service may leave, go to talk with his or her partner about booking the service, get caught up in a phone call, realize dinner is burning on the stove and totally forget to call. It’s not you or your businesses’ fault that these hot leads disappear without calling you. However, retargeting allows you to fix this problem.

Retargeting lets you live out your dream of being a magician by making your business reappear to past website visitors.

The process is really simple. First, you install a special tracking code on your website or landing pages.  When a prospective customer lands on one of your pages the tracking code places an anonymous cookie in the browser of every person who visits your site. These visitors will then be enrolled in a retargeting list. Those on that list will see ads for your business pop up on a variety of websites like Facebook, ESPN, or CNN.

There are a few different types of remarketing campaigns that we run for our clients. Each of these uses Google’s remarketing technology a bit differently to get your business back in front of potential customers who have left your website.

Different Types of Retargeting

There are a few different types of remarketing campaigns that we run for our clients. Each of these uses Google’s remarketing technology a bit differently to get your business back in front of potential customers who have left your website.

Google Retargeting

Retargeting with Googles shows your ads to past visitors as they view the Display Network and use Display Network. This is the standard type of retargeting. This is where your ad will be seen on the different websites included in the Google Display Network which includes two million websites.

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic remarketing kicks things up a notch. This lets you show ads with the exact services someone was looking at on your website before they left. These customized, ultra-specific ads allow you to build a personalized relationship with a potential customer.

Social Retargeting

A person will spend an average of five years and five months on social media in his or her lifetime. With social retargeting, your ad will be seen on your customer’s favorite social media sites, like Facebook.

What You Need to Start a Retargeting Campaign

Before you start a retargeting campaign, you need to create a retargeting list. This is made up of the different people who have visited your website, had that snippet of code attached to them, and have now left. One thing to keep in mind is that you need 100 people on your remarketing list before your ad will show up on the Google Display Network.

Sending an email blast is one of the most effective ways to get your Display Network ads rolling. This allows you to target your own list and you break that list down into different grouping like existing clients or prospective clients.  Each segment of your list can receive a different offer.  Just send an email to a webpage with the Google remarketing code installed and your list will start to see ads following them wherever they go on the internet.

Retargeting Strategy

Once you commit to launching remarketing you want to figure out the best use and strategy.  The great part about remarketing is you can be very specific to different audiences on your list.

Cross Promote

Here at AdMachines we work with a lot of multi-trade home service companies.   For example, if a prospect lands on an emergency plumbing landing page and calls for service we can use remarketing to cross-sell a different business unit like A/C services. Our clients love this because once someone calls for plumbing service it’s usually a service that does not need to be remarketed to. The greater value for this client is in the air conditioning relationship.


What did you leave on the table in your last sale?  If you sold an air conditioner repair, did your technician sell a maintenance agreement?  You can use remarketing to answer the question – what’s next and continue to drive in revenue by putting more offers in front of customers who already know, like, trust and have purchased from you in the past.

If you have ever booked a flight you may start to see remarketing ads for rental cars.  If you own car insurance you may have seen remarketing ads for home insurance from your provider.  Every day companies you do business with are trying to upsell you w/ remarketing ads.

Answer Sales Objections

This comes into play when you have either spoken to someone on the phone or gone out and wrote-up an estimate. For whatever reason, whether it be money, time, or they wanted to get more quotes, they did not follow through on the service.

You have already presented to the prospect and added them to your lists since they visited your site, and you already paid for click so this is the time to make one last grand gesture to get them back.

This allows you to do your best to answer the question of “why didn’t you buy from me?” Ad Copy and the message needs to take into consideration of the possible answers to that question. If it is money, maybe offer a financing plan. Maybe you should provide a quick timeframe or an irresistible discount with a hard deadline if time is the most important factor.

Retargeting is like PPC insurance. You paid for the click, and retargeting allows you to do everything you can to get those leads to convert.

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